The innovative way to crunch your quality grapes

RICCIO® is born from the purpose of obtaining the best pos-sible nibbling on the basis of a new, originai and patented principle.
From the loading hopper the grapes are conveyed onto a special perforateci vibrating mat equipped with adjustable rubber buttons. The grapes are pushed forward by a varia-ble speed mobile rock with on engine frequency drive con-troller, consisting of additional bottons of different sizes.

This oscillating movement, which reproduces the movement of the fingers of the hand in the opening and closing, combi-ned between fixed and mobile keys, allows to gently sepa-rate the berries from the stalk, limiting the crushing and the loss of the juice. According to the latest winemaking tech-nologies, the integrity of the grain facilitates the carbonic maceration which improves the quality of the finished pro-duct. The buttons simulate our fingers and con be positio-ned more closely or more narrowly depending on the type of grape to be processed. The separateci grains reach the wide exit mat with a small jump that protects the integrity of the berry.
The idea is to reproduce the manual selection operation through on innovative, fast, robust and functional machine. The stems are pushed out of the back.